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Around the World in Seven Acts  (2009)


The seven plays in this collection, dealing with various subjects and issues – arranged marriage, woman’s rights, tribal wars, the caste system, family relationships, and western impact – are topical and relevant to contemporary society.


These plays - Sidewalk Gurus (India), Return of the Shadow (Turkey), Three Wishes (Egypt), The Golden Canary (Japan), Lost in the Bush (Nigeria), The Way of Yu Pay-Foo (China), and The Storytellers (Iran) – were selected for performance by The California International Theater Festival (September 8th – 18th, 2011).




“Around the World in Seven Acts is a very interesting collection of plays, drawing as it does on such diverse subject matter, cultures, and theatric traditions. [Kiani] is to be commended for the imagination and humanism implicit in embarking on such project.”

                               Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles


“Around the World in Seven Acts is remarkable work, impressive in its scope, and commendable in its commitment to the world theater traditions.”

                                                                              Literary Manager, East West Players


“Around the World in Seven Acts was a popular and often-discussed was well thought of here.”


                                                                                                                         Mead Hunter, Skirball Kenis Theater


“The Golden Canary is an enjoyable piece of work...this is done with the simplicity and forcefulness of a folktale.  An excellent give-and-take between the performers is supplemented by mock Japanese music.”


                                                                                            Los Angeles Reader


“The Golden Canary is an excellent kyogen play...well done.”

                                                                                             UCLA Theater Arts Dept


“Around the World in Seven Acts provide excellent material for family theater and are also just right for the adventurous school theater department that want to explore various cultures.”

                                                                                            Baker’s Plays, New York


“Lost in the Bush is captivating...terrific, and wonderful.”

                                                                                            The Daily Sundial, CSUN


“The wide range of cultural folktales from which [Mr. Kiani] draws for this collection is commendable. Despite their differences in subject matter and style, there is a commonality that makes them pertinent to today’s society.”


                                                                                            Mark Taper Forum


“The Golden Canary and Lost in the Bush were well-written and intriguing.”

                                                                                             Pioneer Drama Service


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