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Around the Country in Seven Acts (2018)
The Spell of the West, The Subject was Herman, Hiawatha, Everyman Revisited , The Cardboard Alley, A Mindful Season, The Diary of Alonsa Luna

Theaters across the country are celebrating cultural diversity and inclusion. Around the Country in Seven Acts explores contemporary issues and ongoing conditions of multicultural and marginalized groups of people in America. These culturally diverse plays dealing with Asian, African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Native American topics are much needed for national audiences.

3 Plays (2013)

A Dull House:  The Fosters want to have a child.  They’ll do anything, from high tech procedures to common sense advice.  But are they ready physically, emotionally, and mentally to become parents?


Sleepers, Awake!:  Pastor Elmer Bender, a man of independent spirit, begins to doubt the existence of God, starts questioning the superficiality of all religions while his wife, Hollis, remains firm in her faith despite her husband’s gradual interest in atheism.


Reviving the Rileys:  Barry Riley, an old frail but wealthy man of diversified businesses, does everything possible to prolong his life while his two sons and a daughter have different plans of their own.

Around the World in Seven Acts  (2009)

The seven plays in this collection, dealing with various subjects and issues – arranged marriage, woman’s rights, tribal wars, the caste system, family relationships, and western impact – are topical and relevant to contemporary society.


These plays - Sidewalk Gurus (India), Return of the Shadow (Turkey), Three Wishes (Egypt), The Golden Canary (Japan), Lost in the Bush (Nigeria), The Way of Yu Pay-Foo (China), and The Storytellers (Iran) – were selected for performance by The California International Theater Festival (September 8th – 18th, 2011).

An Anthology of non-Western Drama (1994)

This anthology contains seven plays from India, China, Japan, Iran, Nigeria, Turkey, and Egypt; and they are placed into chronological periods - from ancient to modern times.  This volume, drawn from a wide variety of forms and genres, demonstrates the richness and the diversity of both the traditional and modern non-Western theaters – from Sanskrit drama to contemporary African theater.  For each country, there is a brief background of theater history that illustrates how cultural, religious, and political influences shaped the non-Western dramas.

5 Screenplays (2015)

A Tale of Bondage, an action adventure odyssey, deals with child slavery and the reunion of a mother and her son after two years. All For Love, a romantic love story, is about two unfortunate accidents that keep a couple apart but their great love brings them back together. The Roads not Taken, a low-budget comedy, focuses on a group of young friends who are determined to make a micro-budgeted movie during their summer break. The Spell of the West depicts a distressed manager who’s in charge of an apartment complex occupied by immigrants from different countries. The Storytellers takes place in a Tehran coffee house in 1935 where we witness the evolution of entertainment from simple storytelling to comic acts to finally the introduction of moving pictures.

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